Selling Solutions

One of the first decisions a vendor will make when moving forward with the sale of their property is the choice between sale at auction, or private sale.

This is where ConleyLUFF Real Estate can help guide you. An assessment of your home and your needs will establish the right medium for you.


When it comes to auctioning your home, we have one of the Peninsula’s most competent auctioneer teams. With an auction campaign, we often find that clients like the defined marketing period (five weeks, four weekends) culminating in a successful auction.This is ideal when clients have a time limit and it also encourages buyers to make a decision as momentum builds towards a particular date. Another advantage is the transparency of the auction process. It guarantees an unconditional sale with a 10% deposit upon signing of the contract.

Private Sale

Vendors who have a flexible approach to the time period in which their property may sell, often find the private sale approach an attractive option. A private sale campaign may have weekly advertising and regular open house inspections, or it may be conducted on the basis of private appointments only. For some types of properties, it is a more successful way of introducing buyers and gaining their interest. We can tailor a private sale campaign to suit your specific requirements.

Expressions of Interest

An Expression of Interest (EOI) campaign is popular for many reasons. It can work well for properties that may not be as easily comparable in attributes or price to others. Another advantage is that an EOI campaign avoids the requirement for an asking price and yet calls on a statement of buyer interest at a pre-determined day/time. During an EOI campaign, buyers may view your property at regular open for inspections, or at private appointment times. We will establish an arrangement that best suits you. Buyers are advised of a closing date, by which time they need to have finalised their interest in your property and provided their best offer. While different to an auction, a competitive forum may still develop during an EOI campaign as offers are conveyed and private negotiations can begin in earnest.